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Most travel bloggers seem to stick mainly to relatively touristy areas, especially the big ones that survive on paid trips and sponsorships . I can understand the LP not being a great resource for areas where there is a ton of recent information online, but it’s still pretty good for where I’m at. Along with rough guides I cut my teeth on reading about places to travel to on that time I’d only been to England, Scotland and south Africa(,up to 89 countries now!)mainly to get ideas for the future. Yeah I used to see the lonely planet as a kind of Bible of travel but the biggest problem nowadays is that they are too generic.

  • Having been out since 2014 on PC and 2016 on console, it’s hard to go wrong with Assetto Corsa.
  • This mechanic, however – which has been a series bugbear for a long time – is entirely in service of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s ambition to be the ultimate family party game, and in this regard it really succeeds.
  • It offers a vast selection of vehicles and tracks, and despite some general quibbles with the AI, the driving experience feels hyper-realistic.
  • It offers up plenty of ways to play too, from Battle mode through to the relatively customisable VS Race mode, which lets players do things like race in teams and choose from a variety of item load-outs.
  • There are a number of high-quality and commercially successful racing games on the market that excel against iRacing in their own ways.

These seven zip comprehensive Boston travel books do a very good job of presenting a "big picture" view of the city while also providing enough details to help you successfully plan your trip. Its city guides feature feels like a socially infused version of a traditional travel planning app, but they’re also augmented with the public data available on Facebook, which makes them more useful. For over two decades, Vuitton has published a series of City Guides designed to give travelers the inside scoop on some of the world’s most vital urban landscapes. Now refined and expanded, ten guides in the collection are being reintroduced––including New York, Beijing, Lisbon and Seoul––with fresh photography from independent journalists and updated lists of must-see places. Get to the heart of a destination with Guides by Lonely Planet!

The Bastille, Belleville, And Oberkampf Guide

If you’re only in Barcelona for a few days on holiday or business, this Barcelona guide book is an excellent choice. It focuses on the Top 10 best restaurants, bars, shops, attractions, etc. Packed with colour photos and maps, it’s a really useful and concise guide to the city when time is short. This book is smaller and thinner than either the Lonely Planet or Time Out guides, making it the most comfortable to carry round. If you don’t want an exhaustive guide, but just the essential "must sees", this is the book for you.

What would be really great would be guides written by people who know a place inside out. Lonely Planet has been sinking for a decade, even before it morphed into a content farm. Now, with apps and online resources galore, there’s really no need for a guidebook. This Barcelona book is different from your standard guide book. It does not give your tourist information but rather focuses on the history of Barcelona.


In fact, one whole province was greatly expanded in the newest version of the LP, where before there was basically zero info, anywhere. There isn’t even a Rough Guide for Indonesia, outside of Lombok and Bali!

Tripadvisor has some info, but you have to know what you’re looking for, and much of it is in Indonesian, if it’s there at all. The writer visited about a full year before the newest version was published, and of course it’s print – it’s not real time. But SO many of the top results in google are also outdated.

They aren’t providing any extra value to what you can get just by looking online and what is there is often already out of date. The website is particularly useless and not user friendly at all.

It was written by professional novel writer who spent a number of years in Barcelona. What makes this book distinct is the facts have been written into a story-type format that makes this book compelling reading.