Henry Cejudo vs Shevchenko April Fool’s joke revived the old dream of the championship genders

UFC Champion in two weight classes Henry Cejudo set to the old. Fighter turned to Valentina Shevchenko with a desire to organize a fight. Again not without Habib with Ferguson.

 Jokes going or jokes aside: Henry Cejudo talked about fight with Shevchenko … again

 There is one day of the year, which is really to be afraid of all fans of the sport. And this is not New Year’s Eve and not VDV, this April Fools' Day – April 1st. Sounds weird. But only at first glance. The fact is that in this day published annually by a huge number of comic and unreliable material. Place gets funny, but most just want to breathe a sigh of relief, or, on the contrary, regret that the news was not true.

 So, for example, reported that Habib fight with Ferguson will not take place, it was true, despite the fact that we know about it finally became just 1 April. For more information about the possible replacement of the Russians, we wrote a special material.

 But with another message from the world of MMA everything was a little bit confusing. The site jiujitsutimes article appeared that the UFC announced the first intersexual fight for the championship. Meet in Octagon was reigning champion in two weight classes Henry Cejudo, and Shevchenko champion UFC Valentine. In this article is described in vivid colors the call Henry Dana White himself with reference to his old statements about wanting to become the first champion.

 However, nowhere but in this site, information is no longer confirmed. It would have passed this „fake-paper” by the people, if a screenshot of the title on your page is not published with the signature itself Henry Cejudo that „dreams come true”.

 My wish of becoming the first intergender world champion and winning my third UFC Belt will finally come true. @BulletValentina get ready to #bendtheknee to Triple C! # UFC249 #andstill

 – Henry Cejudo (@HenryCejudo) April 1, 2020

 Response from Valentina Shevchenko not long in coming. A soldier from Kyrgyzstan said in a „tweet” is not without its share of humor: „Keep dreaming, my friend. You strangled once, no problem will do it again. You better be well prepared. „

 Keep dreaming my friend!

 You’ve been rear chocked once, no difficulties to do it again ????????

 You better train harder ???? @HenryCejudo

 – Valentina Shevchenko (@BulletValentina) April 1, 2020

 If you do not understand what kind of strangling it, then you should read our article about how Valentine Henry did not leave a chance at one of the clubs.

 Earlier we talked about, in which case, Habib defeat will inevitably happen.

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